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“Warning: 5 Costly Mistakes Most People Make When Buying A Website–
Are You Doing Any Of These?”

(Learn the smart way to get a business website without tarnishing your business image and wasting potentially thousands of dollars)

by Steven W. Baker,
CEO, STB Ventures Inc

“After 6 months and $1,500 working with a Major Bank Ecommerce solution. I did better myself with MyIPsites Site Wizard in a weekend @ a savings of 80% a year! I am now working on 2 more sites!!” Kevin Lake

It was a sweltering June last year as Ted R. from Texas carefully plotted his home business. Excited by the thought of making money from home, he carefully studied all the options to market his products. Looking at direct mail, postcards, telemarketing, Yellow Pages ads, newspaper ads, and websites, Ted realized his best and most cost-effective approach would be to set up a website that draws in tens of thousands of dollars every month.

So Ted worked the midnight oil searching for companies that would build him a website. Trying to keep his investment as low as possible -- after 5 quotes he settled for the second cheapest option.

After buying a simple 5-page website (which required him to learn HTML) for $7.95 a month -- ten days later, he realized he made a costly mistake …

November 2001, Linda C. from Maine was scouring the web for a company where she could buy an attractive website for her sprawling pool accessories business. She eventually spoke with a smooth-talking sales rep who sold her on buying a high-powered graphic rich website loaded with dozens of features for $3,500, plus $29.95 monthly hosting services. After her purchase, Linda admitted she was impressed but 3 weeks later after talking with friends and customers she learned she made a bad buying decision.

How did Ted and Linda blunder? - Are you about to make any of their mistakes?

Read the following 5 criteria for buying a business website to see if you know why both Ted and Linda made a mistake in their buying decision …

  1. The Truth About Buying Cheap Websites Many people buy a cheap website thinking that they can get by with it. All to often, they later discover they wasted their time and money and even hurt their business image when they should have gotten a more professional website. If a company is offering cheap websites then chances are they’re cutting costs by using cheap technology that looks weak and is susceptible to breaking down. The last thing you want, is for a customer to see your website with broken links and features fizzing out. Companies selling cheap websites also cut costs by having little or no customer service or technical support staff. If you log onto the net one day only to discover your website is missing – believe me, you want technical support to fix it! Scrimping on a website is like scrimping on your health – you can’t get away with it.
  1. The Truth About Buying Expensive Websites You could buy an expensive website that’s loaded to the hilt, but then again, why pay thousands of dollars if it’s not necessary for your business? In other words, if you have a restaurant you may need an elaborate website as opposed to a site selling a book. If you don’t need a Cadillac priced website and all you needed was a Chevrolet, so why not get the Chevrolet? When talking to companies that sell upscale sites beware of falling for a well-crafted sales pitch from their well-trained sales staff. Your number one concern is to get a website that fits YOUR business cost-effectively.
  1. The Truth About Free Websites. Many people wanting to put up a website for their business figure they can get by with a free website. Maybe that was true 5 years ago, but www.acelawnservices.freesites4you.com doesn’t cut it. Stay far away from free websites. No one will take you seriously with one of these.
  1. Is The Website Package For Sale Easy To Update & Customize? This is a major buying criteria to look for when shopping for a website. You need a website that you can customize. One that allows you to add or change features on it such as color schemes and designs. You need a website that will allow you to instantly update it with images and photos. Remember, if you plan on being in business for a long time, then you’re going to have to update your website with new pictures, text, and other accessories from time to time. Many cheap website packages lack this and in fact look cheap too. Another point to keep in mind is you want a website that’s easy to update and change. If it’s too hard to add new text or images, then you’re going to be disappointed. Lastly, beware that some website packages require you to learn HTML! Avoid these like the plague if you haven’t got the time to learn how to code HTML.
  1. Is The Website Package For Sale Equipped To Market Your Business? A website by itself is useless. As it needs a personal domain name (www.yourname.com) and personalized email (Yourname@yourname.com) Also, your website must be equipped with order-taking capabilities and autoresponders. Otherwise, if you get a website package lacking these marketing accessories, you’re going to be forced to hunt the Internet for them and you’ll have to deal with the hair-pulling ordeal of making sure every component of your site is compatible.

How To Find The Perfect Website Package For Your Business

As you can imagine, finding a website perfect for your business that’s easy to use, full of marketing features, and is the right price for your needs can be a pain in the neck. After all, there are hundreds of companies selling websites.

Who knows which are legit and which are fly-by-night operators ready to rip you off?

Three ways to find companies offering websites/website packages:

1.      Get referrals from friends and associates.

2.      Search the Internet.

3.      Search your phone books.

If you have friends and business associates that recently purchased a website then that may be the ideal way to find a site perfect for you. Just make sure their company meets the above-mentioned 5 criteria.

Your other two options are scouring the web and your phone book. Only problem is you’ll have to call every number in the phone book and spend hours on end surfing the net looking for enough information to make a smart decision. My experience tells me these three methods are the hard way to do it.

After all, who wants to waste money right? And who wants that I feel sick in my stomach feeling” after you bought something you later regretted. I’m sure you’re anxious about making the right buying decision.

Now, what if I could show you an easier way to find a powerful and professional website that’s perfect for your price range, is easy to customize, and has all the marketing features you wanted, would you be interested to at least know about it?

I truly believe what you’re looking for in a website is found at MyIPsites. Here’s why: The websites you can get with them meet all five of the abovementioned website buying criteria. And with MyIPsites you can get a website that’s fully loaded for under $30 and have it set up within the next five minutes.

This is how Steve Baker, MyIPsites.com’s CEO puts it:

“With MyIPsites, you can get a website with everything your business needs for under $30 bucks. Your website will have all the cool features you see on the big corporate sites for just a fraction of the price!”

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like something I would want to look into.

What’s more, MyIPsites is willing to do something outrageous to prove to you that their websites beat everyone else’s hands down.

They’re risking a lot of money doing this outrageous crazy stunt. (In fact, their marketing team begged management not to do this!)

More about their crazy stunt later, but first …

“I just wanted to tell you how great MyIPsites is. I’ve tried Go Daddy, Homestead, Lycos, GeoCities, and at least two others. MyIPsites is the most logical and easiest to use.”

-Robert Jacobson

You should know that, unlike their competitors, MyIPsites’ website package is loaded with features. Features your business needs like: business email, newsletters, order systems, photo galleries, clickable links, images, an autoresponder, multiple pages and more. It’ll be a website that you can shape and mold to fit your business.

Can you envision the increased profit your business will suck in with a “loaded” website like one of these?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if your business is a …

Retail store, service business, home business, franchise, professional service, distributorship, manufacturing company, associations, club, or if you’re sales person or entrepreneur.

… The more your read this article the more you’re going to realize MyIPsites’ unique website package will fit all of your needs like a glove.

So how is it possible you can get a website package from MyIPsites loaded with all of the features you want specific for your business needs? -In less than 5 minutes?

Our MyIPsites technology makes it possible. You see this technology is the same software used by web builders worldwide to create sizzling sites for their customers. And it’s easy to use. In fact, our website uses this same technology to give you the ability to point and click your way to a stunning website in 5 minutes or less. Easy, easy, easy.

There’s no work on your part. Just click and point at the template you want and the features you want activated; enter your text in, and that’s it! You’ve got a website tailor made for your business!

Like I said earlier, our revolutionary technology makes building and designing websites so easy, already 172,000 of our customer’s websites were instantly created by it. You might be surprised to know that average people with little computer experience, everyday are having fun creating their new website. Just point and click what you want and your new website is automatically built. Ready to do your bidding!

Unlike other companies selling websites, only MyIPsites gives you the following mouthwatering benefits:

  • You can customize your website – however you want!

  • You can have as many pages as you want! Want 10 or 100? No problem, it’s yours!

  • Want to add images on your website? No problem. Your MyIPsites website makes adding images so easy, a kid can do it. Just point and click!

  • Easily add cool features like links and email or advanced features like newsletters, polls, shopping carts and ecommerce.

  • Your MyIPsites website is so easy to use, you can change virtually anything you want on your site within mere seconds … 1, 2, 3 – you’re done!

  • Adding text onto your website is as simple as writing an email. And … many of the buttons and commands look just like your MS Word!

I don’t you know if you’ll get a website from MyIPsites today, but don’t you feel excited about the possibilities of multiplying your profits, especially knowing that you can get a stunning website perfect for your business in the next 5 minutes or less?

Unlike most companies selling websites, MyIPsites has clearly made the process of getting a loaded website tailor made for your business as easy as boiling water!

Now the fact that you’re still reading my article tells me that you have a gut feeling that you should get a top-notch website for your business. Your gut feeling is right. Two years ago, you could have gotten away without a website, but now customers demand it whether they say so or not.

Remember how embarrassing it was not to have a fax machine?

It’s just like the fax machine several years back. If you didn’t have a fax machine, you weren’t taken seriously. People saw you as an amateur or even a charlatan. As you consider that, think about the fact, that a website gives you more credibility. Remember, your prospective customers demand instant access to information about your products or services. If you don’t have a decent website then your competitors are repeatedly beating you to the punch, and your losing money! Ouch!

Think about this, your website can be actively closing sales and making money for you 24/7. It’s like a sales person who never sleeps. And never complains. Now tell me what serious business wouldn’t want that advantage?

Fully Armed And Ready To Sell!

Remember at the beginning of this article when I laid down the 5 criteria to consider when buying a website? Well the website you get from MyIPsites meets all of those criteria with an A+. And comes with all the marketing goodies you want! Here’s what you’re website comes with:

  • Visitor Autoresponders. Instantly email site visitors info and follow-up on them to close more sales!
  • Visitor Feedback Forms. Use this to collect important information from customers and site visitors to make your website marketing more successful!
  • Customer Newsletters. Publish your own newsletter with this feature! Stay in touch with your customer base and build rapport with them.
  • Subscriber Management. Ends Spam worries forever. All newsletter requests go into an opt in system that confirms subscription.
  • Catalogs. Sell multiple products from your site! Now it’s possible with this feature. Looks like a real catalog!
  • Shopping Cart. Makes your site handle the entire transaction. Your job … just deposit the money!
  • Ecommerce. Have your customers pay online or submit their order so you can process it manually in your store.
  • Order Tracking. Never lose track of another sale again! All orders are emailed directly to you and then tracked on your site.
  • Secure Server Certificates. Your site’s transactions are secure and protected with secure certificates that protect customer info.
  • Search Engine Registration. Once your site is done, MyIPsites will register it with the search engines so your website can start getting massive traffic.
  • Business Email. Send email with your site name in the address. Avoid the embarrassment of free services (hotmail.com, yahoo.com) that scream amateur.
  • Your Own Domain Name. You’ll get your own website name! (www.yourname.com) What do you want to name your site? Just tell us and we’ll make it official!
  • Password Protected Pages. Only let qualified visitors see certian information.
  • Website Membership. Want to have a secret member section in your site? No problem! Sell “insider” memberships!
  • Photo Albums. Display pictures of your work, business, products and team, professionally in an online photo album.
  • Maps. Display an attractive map that shows customers and prospects directions to get to your business.
  • Links Page. Provide as many links as you want to other sites you think your visitors would find valuable.
  • Contact Us Page. Tell your visitors how to get a hold of you and your team.
  • About Us Page. Show your visitors who you are and why they should do business with you.
  • Online Coupons. Promote online sales or drive online traffic to your offline store with website coupons.
  • Message Boards. You too can have your own message board! Create a fan club, and start a following for your business!
  • Polls/Surveys. Polls and surveys help win elections. Now you can use that same strategy to win more customers!
  • Guest Book. Give your visitors a place to share their comments about your site with this great guest book feature.
  • Press Releases. Display press releases and news clippings from the media on your business – great credibility booster.
  • Quotes Page. Testimonials sell. Now you can have a page of glowing comments about how great your business is.
  • Customizable Web Pages. Easily add and customize more web pages to your site in mere seconds!
(Take a look at website examples .)

I told you, you’d get all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for! All of these goodies will definitely level the playing field for you. Having said that, I’m so sure you’ll love this website package, that I’m willing to go out on a limb to prove it …

The Outrageous Stunt Our Marketing Guys Begged Us Not To Do

Here’s my challenge to you, go ahead and click my 10-Day Free Trial link when you see it near the bottom of this page. It’ll open up to several pages where you can create a stunning website using any of our 200+ exciting template designs – and other features. I have arranged for you to try out your new website without paying a single penny for it –10 days straight. That’s 240 hours you can play with it.

At the end of trying out your new website for ten days, if you want to keep it, go ahead and let your credit card be billed the nominal price. But if you don’t want to … then you don’t lose a penny. Fair enough?

Here’s what a few of our thrilled customers who have taken the 10-Day Free Trial have to say …

“Great Service, Great Product, Great People, Great Price. You guys are more than a service, you’re a part of my team!”

-Kevin Lawrence, Business Coach. www.CoachKevin.com

“I don’t know why everyone does not do it this way. MyIPsites websites are great and very effective.”

-Garfield McCormick, Website Usability Expert.

“The websites are idiot-proof. I just entered my text, picked my features and my site was done. No problem!”

-Janet Nixon, Accountant.

“MyIPsites is probably the best kept secret on the Internet!”

-Ryan Sharp, Salesman.

“With the money I saved using MyIPsites, I can now invest in marketing my site.”

-Robert Lazaro, Audio Retailer.

Our Outrageous Stunt Goes Even Further!

Listen, if you think our 10-Day Free Trial is a heck of a deal, wait till you see this. If after the 10-Day Free Trial you decide to keep your website, then I’ll give you an additional 30 full days to test your new website out! In other words, I’m giving you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! As far as I know … no other website company is willing to do this for you.

It’s clear other companies aren’t confident in the website packages they’re asking you to spend your money on. But MyIPsites knows you’ll love the website you buy from them and is willing to risk everything to prove it.

What About Site Breakdowns?

Now you may be thinking … this sounds great, I’m ready to get my website, but what if I sign up for this package and I later on have technical troubles?

No problem. We have a fulltime support staff available during business hours (8-8 pm PST, M-Sat.) to fix any possible issue you may have. But with our technology, a technical glitch is an oddity. Nonetheless, I have staff ready to take care of you. They’ll even personally help you decide what templates, and other features to choose for your site if you don’t have the time!

Just think, what will you do with all of the new profits your website brings into your business? How will it affect both you and your family’s standard of living?

Can you feel the excitement of waking up in the morning discovering that your website made money for you, while you slept? Are you able to envision what it will be like with your email inbox stuffed with orders? How much more time will you save as your website fully explains your business so you don’t have to?

What is that worth to you?

Why not act on my advice and do what many before you have done … go ahead and get your new website. And, if you’re still unsure, you can try the 10-Day Free Trial, ok?

How Much Will This Cost?

I’m sure all this time, in the back of your head, you’ve been thinking this sounds great, but how much is this super website? For the price of a cheap restaurant meal once a month, you can get a loaded website selling for you 24/7, for only $29.95 a month.

Our competitor’s prices ranges from $39 to $245 for half the features ours has. With all the features our sites have, we should be charging $50 a month or more.

So to lock in at $29.95 instead of $50 you must act now.

How can I give such a great deal to you? Remember the website building software I told you about at the beginning of this article? That’s my secret. Our technology makes creating a website so ridiculously easy a grandmother can do it.

There’s absolutely no work on your part … just point and click what color and design you want, how many web pages you want, where you want your pictures to go, and then add your text, and voila! You’ve got a professional website in 5 minutes or less!

Again, here are the features your website will command

Everything Your Business Needs To Be Successful Online – Full Loaded Website ($2,500 value). Includes email, ecommerce, shopping cart, newsletters, autoresponders, subscription management, catalogs, order tracking, secure server certificates, search engine registration, visitor submission forms, links page, maps, contact us page, online coupons, message boards, guest books, polls, press releases, quotes page, 200+ templates, free support, and much much more. Just $29.95 a month.

Wow, after reading about those features, I shouldn’t have to convince you that you should jump on this and grab one of these websites. And …

Obviously after reading this article you now realize this is a great offer, one that you won’t find elsewhere, having said that, go ahead and get your high-performance profit boosting website today!


Steve Baker

Steven W. Baker
CEO, STB Ventures Inc - MyIPsites.com

P.S. Again, you can test drive your website without paying a penny for 10 days straight. Go ahead and give it a test-drive. See what it’s like, and how it feels to have that cyber sales person on the Internet working 24/7 for you. You’ll absolutely love it, and you’ll wonder how you ever made it through life without a top-notch website. It’s like life after having a cell phone. So, why not start your 10-Day Free Trial now?

P.P.S. On top of the 10-Day Free Trial, you’ll get an additional 30 days to make doubly sure you absolutely love your new website. My suggestion to you is the same as Bill Gates. If you’re in business, you must have a website if you want your business to have a future. Chances are, in the next 30 days your new MyIPsites website will more than pay for itself and multiply your business profits several times over! So don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity -- get your new money-making website today!

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